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10 things that i could not live without

November 5, 2007
i was just wondering what things make me happy in this world, and then reading the argentinian elle magazine i saw a note on the 10 things that could not live without. of course they do it to the famous people. i’m not famous (yet) but i want to do my list too… here it comes…:

1. MY FAMILY: i love my family and i love mostly because is huge, i have an enormous amount of cousins and aunts and uncles all over the world and there is my grandma that is so special to me, and my parents to whom i owe my life. even if they are to kilometers and kilometers, my family will always be my family. And amen to that.

2. MY DOG: Firulais is the sun of my eyes. he shines everytime i look at him and he makes me so happy, when i am down he cames with his all wet trunk and trys to cheer me up. and we fight too. he is so funny, i don’t know how my life would be like without him.

3. MY PERFUMS: i cannot leave my house without wearing any perfume. i have a huge collection from all designers and from all countries. here is my selection:

CH. Carolina Herrera=

Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton=

Ralph. Ralph Lauren=

The One. Dolce & Gabbana=

Chance. Chanel=

Black XS for her. Paco Rabanne=

4. MY PURSE COLLECTION: i love purses and bags. everytime i’m on a trip i have to buy one. from london i have a cute pink one with retro ladies, from hawaii i have a sexy bag to put the laptop, from milan i have a little LV and from paris i have a cute little gray one with a silver cat. and well also i have the ones that i buy here at my country that are also pretty and special to me. i love my retro ones but my LV collection is my favourite.

5. MOVIES: i must see a movie every weekend. i’m like a sick fan of movies, i love the classics and the new hollywood. each one has something special. i have my favourite directors tough, i love quentin tarantino and francis ford coppola and pablo trapero and so many others. the world is full of creative minds.

6. CHOCOLATE: i totally can’t live without chocolate, is my secret addiction i love chocolate in almost everything. with milk, with cookies, with almonds. and chocolate ice-cream mmm… to die for! so yummy!!!!….

7. COFFEE: that is my mom’s favourite subject and i believe that is because of her that i love it so much. my favourite, starbucks mocca frapuccino, that is the best drink i ever tasted. thanks aunt debbie for showing it to me!….

8. MY FRIENDS: they are so special to me and as a single child they are like my brothers and sisters. i love to hang out with them and just chill, do nothing but talking and gossiping. (i’m sorry guys to put you so down of the list but you have to understand than addictions are way stronger =P).

9. MY BOOKS AND FASHION MAGAZINES: is really nice to have an interesting book to read when there is nothing else to do because is raining and the satellite television is not working. oh and of course my fashion magazines, i have to have a new one every week or at least two a month.

10. TRAVELING: last but not least, is traveling. it probably would be like numer 5 on my list but because i don’t have that much money to do it everytime i want to, it now comes at number 10. traveling is the most fun adventure i have, i cannot be bored while traveling. i love to meet new people, new places and get to know new cultures. i’ve been all over the glove and i wish i can visit more places.

now you guys are invited to do your own list, is fun, you’ll see….

wish luck & peace out,

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  1. deexdeexdreamer permalink
    November 5, 2007 8:51 PM

    that haagen-daz looks so good right now…even though im strictly a ben + jerrys gal! omg i neva any of that about the hills! my lauren-crush has been killed stone-dead. ickness

  2. Julien C. permalink
    November 5, 2007 9:53 PM

    Compramos las mismas revistas y tenemos un que otro gusto parecido!
    un beso Molly (añares que no pasaba por aca)

  3. Vintage Bunny permalink
    November 5, 2007 10:35 PM

    Aah Bags !Story of my life too!

  4. cotton candy permalink
    November 6, 2007 8:34 AM

    bags and travelling. two of my favourites too and definetly cannot live without.

  5. LBIC permalink
    November 6, 2007 1:33 PM

    OMG I love me some Ralph by Ralph Lauren. I’ve been wearing that since high school. Have you tried Ralph Cool? I love it just as much.

  6. WendyB permalink
    November 6, 2007 1:51 PM

    Your dog is so cute!!!!!

  7. Romeika permalink
    November 6, 2007 5:02 PM

    Your dog is the sweetest thing!!!! And i couldn’t imagine my life without my family, friends and chocolate either hehe

  8. Arabita permalink
    November 6, 2007 10:45 PM

    me encanto tu coleccion de perfumes!!!! y k lindo esta tu perrito tengo una tambn! we share also the love of our families!

  9. coco permalink
    November 7, 2007 6:25 AM

    I collect perfumes as well
    I love using different ones for my mood
    and your dog is so cute!

  10. November 7, 2007 2:46 PM

    ice creammmm. it’s my weakness!

  11. Secret Agent permalink
    November 7, 2007 6:40 PM

    6 & 7 are mine too. You wear a heck of a lot of perfume…hopefully not all at the same time.

  12. sophia permalink
    November 7, 2007 9:48 PM

    a tu lista solo le pondria un 11 que seria el ipod ! o simplemente musica


  13. penelope permalink
    November 8, 2007 3:45 PM

    love love yr dog!!! and ice cream is like. the best thing ever on earth!! haha!!

  14. Aisha permalink
    November 8, 2007 9:31 PM

    I love personal posts =). We have some things in common, I love my family and friends, bags (who doesn’t?) & of course, chocolate.

    Oh, and i also watch one movie per week, because i have cinema class once a week at the university =)

    mwah ♥

  15. LML permalink
    November 9, 2007 11:47 PM

    i love chance by chanel! yumm! my friend wears the ralph lauren one – its awesome smelling too. i hope to get the new marc jacobs scent for xmas….

  16. The Attire permalink
    November 10, 2007 2:16 AM

    your doggy put a big smile on my face. =)

  17. Carolyn Keene permalink
    November 10, 2007 12:13 PM

    wow this list is very similar to mine, were i have one!
    love the blog.

  18. Practically Perfect In Every Way permalink
    November 12, 2007 1:49 PM

    love your list! I share many of your loves…. however – you have no pics of your bags??? aren’t they like kids and dogs, you keep their pics in your wallet?

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